Difference Between IPad 2 And Laptop

Difference Between IPad 2 And Laptop
Difference Between IPad 2 And Laptop

Video: Difference Between IPad 2 And Laptop

Video: Difference Between IPad 2 And Laptop
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iPad 2 vs Laptop

iPad 2 and Laptop are portable computational cum entertainment devices. When Apple launched iPad in January 2010, it promoted it as a cross between an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with added capabilities of computing making it a tablet PC. Apple did not intend it to be a device to eat into laptop market as such. It can certainly do some tasks that your laptop can do, and also some that your iPhone can, but it can replace neither. Theoretically, it can do some of the simpler tasks you do with your laptop but to expect anything more would do injustice to this innovative and stunning device by Apple. This article intends to highlight the difference between iPad 2 and laptop so as to dispel or rather clarify the doubts in the minds of the people who are confused if they should buy a laptop or the latest iPad 2.

In the words of Steve Jobs himself, iPad 2 is not better than laptops, it is just cheaper. This pretty much sums up once and for all, any attempt to try a comparison or to try to prove iPad 2 as superior to laptops. If anything, iPad 2 is far better than some of the netbooks available in the market. And this is what brings it closer to laptops. Apple knows the mentality of the people which is to go for things that are simple to use and this is one concept that is exemplified in iPad 2. The user interface is what makes it terrific, even a 5 year old kid can easily operate it.

Lack of a physical keyboard

When you compare iPad 2 with laptops, you find that the main difference is the lack of a physical keyboard which is the lifeblood of any PC or laptop. iPad 2 has a full QWERTY touchscreen keyboard that takes some time to get used to for someone who has been working with a physical keyboard on his laptop. No doubt virtual keyboard is fine in a smartphone for writing emails, but for writing long texts, lack of physical keyboard disappoints users.

The lack of briefcase designing of a laptop

Those who are used to opening up the screen of their laptop and start working with the keyboard will find that iPad 2 is rather like a tablet, to more precisely like a slate without any hinges.

Problems with applications

The main problem starts when you try to install applications. No doubt there are thousands of applications available from Apple’s app store, but you cannot download anything from the net and install on your iPad 2. Another disappointing aspect is lack of full multitasking which is so easy on any laptop. Ostensibly Apple did it intentionally to prevent users from trying to run too many applications thus bogging down the tablet.

Battery is irreplaceable

The battery supplied with iPad 2 is inbuilt and the user just cannot replace it unlike laptops where it is easy to replace a battery.

No provision to increase storage capacity

One big difference between iPad 2 and laptop is the fact that though it comes with a decent storage capacity, there is no way a user can increase it using an external device which is easy with laptops. You can only get an upgraded version as and when Apple makes it.

Web experience

Laptops are known for the ease with which one can connect to the net and surf all the sites seamlessly. This becomes a little problematical on iPad 2 as it is a bit slower than normal laptops and also unable to open many sites because of the requirements of flash. However, with pinch to zoom feature, it is fun to bring the page closer to view it easily. The touch screen is amazingly receptive and scrolling down a web page is as easy as Apple claims.

Content creation

Though using word processor is easy and fun, trying photo or video editing may be an exasperating experience on iPad 2 that are the tasks easily done on any laptop. iPad 2 is definitely not a content creation device. You will have to return to your laptop for these applications.


• iPad 2 is a fun device that can also do some of the tasks of your laptop, but it certainly cannot replace a laptop.

• It lacks a physical keyboard, USB ports, and multitasking which are common things with any laptop.

• However, for emailing and chatting, it is as good as a laptop.

• For students and for executives who do not have to a lot of work on the net, it can be a substitute for a laptop. But for serious applications and for multitasking, laptop is a must.

• Students can carry it around in the campus as it is lighter and thinner than a laptop and also take down notes easily on it, but a laptop is much more flexible and compatible with other hardware and software.

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